Angler aktivitäten Photos: Maciej Krol,  Maciej Krol, Marcin Szczecinski, Piotr Lewandowski, Robert Jesiolowski,  Andrzej Lewandowski ja Henrik F. Brødsgaard 

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Finnland - Die Schären

im Winter angeln, eisangeln

Fischen - Sportfischen 

Regulations regarding other fishermen and island resident are as follows: Fishing within 50 m of another person fishing is forbidden. Fishing should not interfere with boat, ship or traffic going to or from a landing stage or disturb the every day life of the inhabitants, the archipelago and summer home dwellers. A good rule to remember is that if you are fishing too close to a person´s shoreline and you are disturbing that person´s privacy, please leave politely if asked and respect that person´s right to privacy. Remember that we have enough good fishing spots in the Saaristo archipelago so that everyone can fish in peace. Respect the inhabitants of the archipelago and summer home dwellers. 
Fish size limits - undersize catches are as follows: 
Salmon: 60 cm 
Sea-trout: 40 cm preferably over 50 cm. 
Pike-perch: 37 cm 
Pike: preferably 40 cm. 
We wish you luck when you fish with a legal fishing permit. 

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May  2007
Anglers from Estonia
The party of Oleg Alasi, Estonia, visited  the cottage of Hamnholm at the island of Berghamn in May 2007.
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September 2005   
August  2006 Anglers from Poland
Anglers from Poland The party of Marcin Szczecinski, Poland, visited Haraklev cottage at the island of Berghamn in September 2005.
The party of Andrzej Lewandowski, Poland, visited Pia´s cottage at the island of Berghamn in August 2006. " Inguar, It´s  been again a great pleasure to stay in your cottage". Photos by Marcin Szczecinski. 
In Chrismas time we went back our thoughts to stay in your cottages and the great fun during fishing on Berghamns Island August 2006.
And of course all members in our fishing party would like to come back and repeat the adventure in Finland. We will back to this on the beginning of 2007.
Photo by Andrzej Lewandowski. 

September 2005   
Anglers from Poland
The party of Piotr Lewandowski, Poland, visited Pia´s cottage at the island of Berghamn in September 2005.

 " Inguar, thank you very much for our pleasant stay in Berghamn". Photos by Piotr Lewandowski. 


Jan Lewandowski and Boleslaw Branewski caught  pikes


 April 2005

September 2004

Anglers from USA and Denmark

"In the second weekend of April 2005, just after the ice had melted, the party of Dr. Michael P. Parrella, California, U.S.A., visited the cottage at Hamnholm. The service of Berghamns Stugor AB was excellent and the weather was nice in this beautiful area. Though we only had two days of fishing we caught pike, lavaret, and sea scorpion"  Photos by Henrik F. Brødsgaard
Anglers from Poland
Jacek Maile the party of Robert Topolski - from Poland caught pike in the archipelago of Turku (Berghamn), September 2004.      Photos by Robert Jesiolowski 

May 2004 September 2004
Anglers from Poland

The party of Maciej Krol, Poland visited the cottage of Hamnholm and Haraklev in May 2004. They caught pike, perch and seatrout .    Photos by Maciej Krol
Maciej Krol: "I would like to come back to such wonderful place like the Archipelago of Turku and make fishing again"
Rafal Kaminski: "It was really nice experience for us, I have recomended this place to my friends"
Anglers from Poland

 "Hoping to see you again next year. Kind regards, Marcin". The party of Marcin Szczecinski, Poland caught pike, perch and more in the archipelago of Turku (Berghamn), September 2004.   Photos by Marcin Szczecinski 


Wir bieten Ihnen ein gut ausgerüstetes Haus einschließlich des Sauna, Küstenlinie u. Pier, klein Motorboot zu besitzen, Schwimmwesten und Fischen-Lizenzen an. Das Angebot zu einem niedrigen Preis. Fishen Angebot 
August 2004 
Anglers from Estonia :

"This place is fantastic ! "
The party of Egon Palts, Estonia, caught pike  in Berghamn  - Turku archipelago - Finland, in  August 2004 
Photo by Inguar Karlsson-Parra

Häuschen und Abenteuer-Fischen für Gruppen und einzelne Personen im Inselbereich im Süden westlich von Finnland



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